Our Pony Camp tradition started back in 1976, and since then we have held the Pony Camps every year with increasing popularity during school vacations (summer, winter, spring and other holidays).
On the camps we introduce kids to equestrian life by teaching horsemanship skills. On all camps we give the kids a horse or a pony to take care of throughout the camp in small groups. Besides horseback riding, the kids get to experience grooming, feeding, mucking, groundwork and all-round horsemanship skills. Our Pony Camp participants come from all over the world such as the USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and so on. Most participants from abroad do not speak Japanese, but our bilingual counselors will guarantee that the kids will be guided in English at all times, and doing activities together with Japanese kids is a wonderful chance for multicultural encounters and also learning some Japanese skills. The Pony Camp does not only teach horsemanship and provide a way to enjoy the beautiful nature away from the big cities, but it also teaches the children lifelong learning skills, responsibility, leadership, affection for animals, friendship and multicultural understanding.
We greatly wish that our Pony Campers will grow up as “Leaders of Tomorrow”.
All camps have English speaking well experienced counselors and instructors.


The Chief Instructor and the representative of the company, Ippei Nagami, is responsible for all activities during the camps. He has worked and studied horseback riding and stable management in Germany and in the U.K., and is officially certified Assistant Instructor by the British Horse Society. Our staff also has abroad experience in the horseback riding industry in Germany and in U.K. Our teaching methods are based on safety and well-being of the animals, and our goal is to teach harmonious communication with the horses.


All horses and ponies are friendly and well trained. The horses and ponies are suitable for even complete beginners, and we carefully choose each horse for each rider based on their riding ability and skills. We have a lot of different horse breeds all the way from cute and fluffy ponies to big and elegant horses.


Rooms can accommodate 2-12 persons. Facilities: Restaurant, stables, 3 riding arenas, swimming pool, hillside and mountains in the backyard for hacking and outdoor activities.


Breakfast: Western style breakfast
Lunch : Curry rice, spaghetti, chinese fried rice etc.
Dinner: Japanese dinner. Meat or fish served with salad, soup and rice, BBQ and so on..
On the last day, a traditional Italian full course dinner will be served in the restaurant.
※ We provide meals for allergies and vegetarian diets upon request.


[Highway Bus]
Available from Shinjuku ,Nagoya and Nagano
The closest bus stop is called “IGARA” bus stop.

[JR train]
The nearest station is “IIDA” station on the Iida line.
We offer pick-up from the bus stop and the station. If you need pick-up, please inform us in advance so that we can arrange a convenient pick-up time for you.

Available Language

Japanese and English

On each camp, we have high-school and university students who are well experienced campers, who will look after the campers throughout the camp. If you plan to participate with your own group with a lot of kids, we recommend that you also bring your own staff with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

For English inquiries, please contact us by email.
For more information please contact us at NIHON TREKKING Co.,

TEL: 0265-25-3000 FAX: 0265-25-5670